Artificial Intelligence


Your personalized portal
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Tutoreal will enable personalized learning for you. based on your performance and its comparative analysis with other aspirants, Tutoreal curates a personal guide for you that shall make your preparation easy.

Adaptive Tests
Every aspirant has different weaknesses and strengths. By the effective usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine, Learning adaptive tests are designed that helps the student to clearly demarcate the weak areas. Adaptive tests are different for each aspirant based on their unique capabilities and deficiencies in a particular topic.

Accurate Interventions
Based on your learning need and speed our highly intelligent portal facilitated by Artificial Intelligence shall stimulate you to aim and achieve higher.

Self Paced Learning
Learning journeys through daily tasks are customized by the efficient use of Artificial intelligence as per your pace, interests and academic background.

Deep and Joyful Learning
Tutoreal with its cutting edge technology makes the Learning deep and joyful. Artificial Intelligence decodes the preparation level of the individual aspirant and transforms the learning experience by unique interactive recommendations.

Why Tutoreal?


1 Million Happy Users

Tutoreal is trusted by more than 1 million students and users for Online Exams and Video Classes.


All Device Compatibility

Portals developed by Tutoreal are available on all the devices like Mobile Phones, Laptops and Tabs.


World Class Security

We provide world-class Hollowood grade security for the Videos, Live Streaming, and other online assets.


Highly Experienced Team

Our team consists of Product Managers, Video Experts, Growth Hackers, and Security Specialists.


With extensive experience in Online Exams and Video Streaming, our team shall be happy to solicit expert advice on your use case to give tailor made solutions. Reach us to get most optimized solutions for Live Streaming, Video on Demand and Online Test Platform.

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Tutoreal is empowering more than 10 lakh students to make their online assessments and improve their scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any organization or educational institute that want to upgrade to online assessments can be a potential user of Tutoreal. Tutoreal is extrememly popular is educational institutes to cater the online exams and in industry of the training and induction.

  • Yes. Tutoreal can be customized as per the need of the clients and their respective environments.

  • Yes. Security is a topmost priority at Tutoreal. We are equipped with the best industry practices and infrastructure for the security.

  • All our clients get access to the admin panel. In the panel they have the options to upload the exam/test questions. They can also upload the test questions in bulk using simple MS Word document.

  • Tutoreal offers various account categories to its users. Our business development executives are the best people to guide you about the subscription plan.

  • Yes. Tutoreal can be white labeled. The clients use their themes , colours and logos on Tutoreal. They can also choose the domain name (subject to availability) where they want to hoist Tutoreal.

  • Yes. Online payments are integral part of Tutoreal. We just need to configure your bank account in Tutoreal and you are ready to take the online payments directly into your bank.

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