Features of Test Engine

Easy Login/Registration

Very simple yet powerful login and registration pages can be customized for the students and test takers. The educational institutes can make the registration public or restrict them the way they want. The institutes can take the entire control of the login and registration in their own hands. Tutoreal is fully customizable as per the needs of the educational institutes.


Coupon based registration

The educational institutes can themselves generate the coupon codes for different courses through Tutoreal panel. They can give these coupon codes to the students. The students can redeem these coupon codes on their Tutoreal account and get access to the tests associated with the courses linked with their respective coupons.


Student management

Add and import candidates, group similar aspirants, easily assign tests to the candidates to have a consistent track and monitor on the candidate’s performance.


Question bank management

The question bank allows the teacher to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of Question types, including multiple choice. These questions are kept in the Question bank and can be re-used in different quizzes.A single quiz can automatically select random and/or specific questions from different categories of questions.Quizzes can be configured to allow multiple attempts. Each attempt at a question is automatically marked, and the teacher can choose whether to give feedback and/or show the correct answers.


OTP Authentication

In case the institute requires a double layer login security this can be customized through One Time Password (OTP). At the time of login and/or registration the OTP can be auto triggered, if required.



Students and educators can see all important information and functionalities from the dashboard about the tests and the functionalities. The dashboard gives the single window control to perform various actions.


Powerful test environment

Tutoreal offers a wonderful exam experience to the students. Actual interface of the exam can be mocked on Tutoreal. Tests can be further subdivided into the subjects and categories. The marking scheme and the timings can be customized for the subjects and categories. Students can pause the tests and resume the same as per their choice.


Bookmark Test Questions

For the revision, the important or tough questions from the tests can be bookmarked. The collection of the questions in the bookmarked section can be filtered as per the category or subjects for the revision.


Video Explanations

Educators and institutes can add the explanatory videos associated with the tests and/or questions. They can also embed the links from the social media like You Tube, Facebook etc.


Result and analytics (Micro level)

Very powerful yet simple analytics is an integral part of the tests for the students. After the successful completion of the tests, the students would see the comprehensive analysis of their test performance. The analytics include self-comparison with the past performances in the identical tests and peer analysis with the toppers.


Feedback and Suggestions

Institutes and educators can customize feedback and suggestion for the tests and the questions. The educators can see the aggregate analysis of the feedback and suggestions.


Offline mode

Tutoreal works equally efficiently in the offline mode as well. The internet connection is required only at the time of starting and submitting the tests. So even if there are speed constraints at the student’s end, the experience of giving the tests is not compromised.


Course Management

Educators and Institutes can create unlimited number of courses. These courses can be further sub-divided in the test packages. The test package consists of tests. The questions from the question bank can be added into the tests. A single test can be reused multiple number of times in different packages.


Cart management

To monetize the tests and courses, the educators and institutes can themselves manage the online payments and Cart. The Cart and online payment are the essential component of the platform and can be plugged in as per the need.


Result and analytics (Macro level)

Educators can get the bird’s eye view of the aggregate analysis of the test takers at the macro level. They get the critical information like highest marks obtained, difficulty level, accuracy and the average time taken by the students to solve the test and each question.


Why Tutoreal?


1 Million Happy Users

Tutoreal is trusted by more than 1 million students and users for Online Exams and Video Classes.


All Device Compatibility

Portals developed by Tutoreal are available on all the devices like Mobile Phones, Laptops and Tabs.


World Class Security

We provide world-class Hollowood grade security for the Videos, Live Streaming, and other online assets.


Highly Experienced Team

Our team consists of Product Managers, Video Experts, Growth Hackers, and Security Specialists.


With extensive experience in Online Exams and Video Streaming, our team shall be happy to solicit expert advice on your use case to give tailor made solutions. Reach us to get most optimized solutions for Live Streaming, Video on Demand and Online Test Platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any organization or educational institute that want to upgrade to online assessments can be a potential user of Tutoreal. Tutoreal is extrememly popular is educational institutes to cater the online exams and in industry of the training and induction.

  • Yes. Tutoreal can be customized as per the need of the clients and their respective environments.

  • Yes. Security is a topmost priority at Tutoreal. We are equipped with the best industry practices and infrastructure for the security.

  • All our clients get access to the admin panel. In the panel they have the options to upload the exam/test questions. They can also upload the test questions in bulk using simple MS Word document.

  • Tutoreal offers various account categories to its users. Our business development executives are the best people to guide you about the subscription plan.

  • Yes. Tutoreal can be white labeled. The clients use their themes , colours and logos on Tutoreal. They can also choose the domain name (subject to availability) where they want to hoist Tutoreal.

  • Yes. Online payments are integral part of Tutoreal. We just need to configure your bank account in Tutoreal and you are ready to take the online payments directly into your bank.

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