We are dealing with all the use cases and patterns of exams like IIT JEE, Medical Entrance Exams, SSC, IBPS, UPSC, SAT, IELTS, CAT and many other state levels exams. A highly scalable and powerful Online Exam Platform to manage courses and assessments.

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Artificial Intelligence

Tutoreal in well equipped with incredible Artificial Intelligence. For an individual student, the platform can customize Daily Study Plans, create adaptive tests, give insights and recommendations based on past as well as peer performances and can highlight weak and strong areas. This helps the students to improve their scores without any human intervention.

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360 Degree E-Learning

Tutoreal in well equipped with state-of-art feature of a Learning Management System. You can integrate any multimedia type to make your tests and assessments engaging, rich and powerful. Videos, audio files and images can be added as questions and/or as solutions.

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Live Streaming and Videos

Top Qualty, secure and glitch free Live Streaming and On-demand-Videos of lectures, workshops and seminars can be facilitated through Tutoreal. Our Video Experts will help you to go online without any hassle.

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Key Features

Powered by Simplicity

Tutoreal is empowered by simplicity. The powerful features are very simple to use and provide world class experience to the students and educators.

Awesome Features

Tutoreal comes with awesome features that streamline the all-inclusive exam process. On simple clicks you can manage questions, students, courses, payments and analytics.

Great Analytics

Students and educators can get profound insights about the test performance. These insights at macro and micro level can be potent tool for performance improvement.

Plug and Play

Plug it with your website and it’s done. Anything apart from this shall be handled by our expert team.

Payments Integrated

Online payments are an integral part of Tutoreal. Start monetizing your tests and exams. Increase your revenue.

Flexible payment plans

You can use One Time Payment, SaS or PaS model to subscribe. Tutoreal also comes with the option of White Labeling.

Support and Customization

Tailor-made solutions for digital innovators.

Our client lint consists of big corporates, start-up companies, government agencies, and education institutions. The requirements and technology-bandwidth are different for each of them. Our specialists' design tailor-made solutions which are optimized and cost effective.

White Label

We make sure that the product and services that we shall deliver would be in the chorus with your brand.

Extended Tech Team

You can consider us as your extended tech team that is always on its toes to design out of the box solutions for your clients.

Business Development

With extensive experience in Online Exams and Video Streaming, our team shall be happy to solicit expert advice for customer acquisition and cost optimization.

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Hours Of Live Streaming


Hard Workers

Outrageously Simple


Create Tests

Choose the questions from the "Question Bank". Assign marks. And you are ready to launch the test.


Assign User

You can assign Test to the registered students. You can also assign tests to the group of students.



The powerful analytics give you and your students an astute insight into the performance and behavior.



Create test packages within minutes and start selling them instantly. Get money directly in your bank.

Why Tutoreal?


1 Million Happy Users

Tutoreal is trusted by more than 1 million students and users for Online Exams and Video Classes.


All Device Compatibility

Portals developed by Tutoreal are available on all the devices like Mobile Phones, Laptops and Tabs.


World Class Security

We provide world-class Hollowood grade security for the Videos, Live Streaming, and other online assets.


Highly Experienced Team

Our team consists of Product Managers, Video Experts, Growth Hackers, and Security Specialists.


With extensive experience in Online Exams and Video Streaming, our team shall be happy to solicit expert advice on your use case to give tailor made solutions. Reach us to get most optimized solutions for Live Streaming, Video on Demand and Online Test Platform.

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Tutoreal is empowering more than 10 lakh students to make their online assessments and improve their scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any organization or educational institute that want to upgrade to online assessments can be a potential user of Tutoreal. Tutoreal is extrememly popular is educational institutes to cater the online exams and in industry of the training and induction.

  • Yes. Tutoreal can be customized as per the need of the clients and their respective environments.

  • Yes. Security is a topmost priority at Tutoreal. We are equipped with the best industry practices and infrastructure for the security.

  • All our clients get access to the admin panel. In the panel they have the options to upload the exam/test questions. They can also upload the test questions in bulk using simple MS Word document.

  • Tutoreal offers various account categories to its users. Our business development executives are the best people to guide you about the subscription plan.

  • Yes. Tutoreal can be white labeled. The clients use their themes , colours and logos on Tutoreal. They can also choose the domain name (subject to availability) where they want to hoist Tutoreal.

  • Yes. Online payments are integral part of Tutoreal. We just need to configure your bank account in Tutoreal and you are ready to take the online payments directly into your bank.

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