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Powered by Simplicity

Tutoreal is empowered by simplicity. The powerful features are very simple to use and provide world class experience to the students and educators.

Awesome Features

Tutoreal comes with awesome features that streamline the all-inclusive exam process. On simple clicks you can manage questions, students, courses, payments and analytics.

Great Analytics

Students and educators can get profound insights about the test performance. These insights at macro and micro level can be potent tool for performance improvement.

Plug and Play

Plug it with your website and it’s done. Anything apart from this shall be handled by our expert team.

Payments Integrated

Online payments are an integral part of Tutoreal. Start monetizing your tests and exams. Increase your revenue and get it directly in your bank account.

Flexible payment plans

You can use One Time Payment, SaS or PaS model to subscribe. Tutoreal also comes with the option of White Labeling.

Tutoreal - India's leading Online Exam Platform

Manage your Exams and Tests with the amazing power of technology. Tutoreal provides a world class experience to the students and educators. It is simple and interactive to resolve all your worries about the examination, preparation, recruitment, and more.Along with this you shall get the support of India's leading online exam platform.

User Friendly

Extremely Interactive

World Class Support

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Client Testimonials

  • Our results have improved by 25% after the incorporation of Tutoreal in our institute. The analytics followed by the tests give awesome insights to the students.
  • Tutoreral is amazing platform with superb features and great scope for customization. The support is wonderful.
  • I am able to improve a lot in my marks after assessments done on Tutoreal. The experience is world class. The tests are seamlessly conducted without any hassle.

    Jyoti Arya

Create Tests

Choose the questions from the "Question Bank". Assign marks. And you are ready to launch the test.

Assign Students

You can assign Test to the registered students. You can also assign tests to the group of students.


The powerful analytics give you and your students an astute insight into the performance and behavior.


Create test packages within minutes and start selling them instantly. Get money directly in your bank.

Our Clients

Tutoreal is empowering more than 6 lakh students to make their online assessments and improve their scores.